Lollypop Preschool Menteng

To help prepare a solid foundation in character and skills to all children that will enable them to experience a world full of possibilities that are within reach.

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  • Mr.Adi Gunawan and Mrs.Linda Sjukri
    "I was deighted to see my son Einhardt develop such a great love for learning. This school has become a beautiful environment for him to grow from the little Toddler to be a such positive individual. It's amazing to see how he matured and of course it will not happen without perseverance and passion from his teachers through the years. First impression I have about this school, it is truly a school that emphasizes on the great value of learning and fun" . -Mr Adi Gunawan and Mrs. Linda Sjukri
    Mr.Adi Gunawan and Mrs.Linda Sjukri
  • Mr.Sumitomo Widjaja and Mrs.Vivi
    Lollypop is always like a family to me. All the teachers and principle are really passionate in teaching and they teach truly from their heart. My children Mirabella and Annabelle learned a lot from Lollypop Thank you.
    Mr.Sumitomo Widjaja and Mrs.Vivi
  • Mr. Mohammad Hossein
    My son, Amir Hossein attended Lollypop last year. He couldn’t read, speak in English or write legibly. But now, he speaks very well. He counts from 1 – 100 fluently and can write the numbers too. Last year, he was very shy, he didn’t communicate well with other people. But now, his communication skill is very nice. I think his progress is excellent and Lollypop Preschool did its job very well. I’m so grateful for Lollypop.
    Mr. Mohammad Hossein
  • Mr David Sutanto and Mrs. Yanny Sutanto
    Ryan really enjoys his learning activities from the very first time he started in Lollypop Preschool. With devoted and dedicated teachers and their assistants, Ryan is guided and has grown to his best in terms of academics, behavior, his social issues and other areas he needs to develop. With this progress in him, we would like to thank the teachers and their assistants, not to forget the staff for their effort and dedication towards our son.
    Mr David Sutanto and Mrs. Yanny Sutanto
  • Mr.Derek Montgomery and Mrs Lili Tan
    Our daughter, Alice enrolled in Lollypop Preschool for Pre-Nursery class when she was 2 years old. One of the first things that we could observe was her positive development in social skills. And now that she is in Nursery class, she continues to develop beautifully in academics, music, art and physical and social activities. The teachers and staff are friendly, caring and encouraging. Alice always looks forward to going to school
    Mr.Derek Montgomery and Mrs Lili Tan

Why Lollypop Preschool Menteng

  • Loving, experienced and certified teachers
  • Instilling family values and good characters
  • Provide excellent curriculum, project based and fun learning activities
  • Close parents and teachers relationship
  • "A" Accredited preschool